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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 24, 2012 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >> a south bay house party gets out of control with extra officers called in to help arrest dozens of people. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm maureen naylor, heather holmes is off tonight. >> we'll get to that story in a minute, but first we have
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developing news from the peninsula where a fatal accident involving a pedestrian is causing major traffic problems near the san francisco international airport. these are live pictures right now from news chopper 2. the accident happened about 8:45 tonight, but as you see 101 there is pretty much a parking lot with those red brake lights. the accident happened at the:45, northbound highway 101 at south airport boulevard. now the highway patrol issued a severe traffic alert. however, they are not releasing much information at this point, but you can see that that back- up goes for a while and you can see the airport to the right. right now officers are diverting traffic onto 380. drivers are advised to use alternate points. if you are heading to san francisco, you will pretty much be diverted off. there is no estimated time at this point for any re-opening, but we'll continue to follow this and have more as it
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develops. in other news tonight police arrested 42 people at a house party in san josi and did that they described as an army of officers to do it. eric rasmussen is live at police headquarters where he heard from police and part- goers who just got out of jail. >> reporter: maureen for their part police say they had bottles thrown at them. one officer was hurt badly enough he had to go to the hospital, but tonight some of those people at the house party told us that they are the victims. showing off bruises and rubber bullets. >> they forget their evidence. >> reporter: a few of the 42 people arrested by san josi police friday night took us inside the scene of a 22nd birthday party that now looks more like a war-zone. >> there was a knock on the door and says everybody needs to come out. no one would come out. >> reporter: this man didn't want to show his face and say he was scared, but when police say they came out to check out a report of
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shots fired people threw bottles at the officer. >> acin a brazen act they tried to drag him into the backyard. >> reporter: this man admitted some did throw bottles when police began to tow their cars. >> they got us mad and that is it, they pushed our buttons and boom, it just went off from there. >> reporter: a five-hour standoff ensued. san josi police called in 60 officers before it was over. neighbors say there were problems at the house, but nothing libe this. >> one-man showed us his citation for resisting arrest and rioting and he says everyone, including the deejay ended up going to jail. >> reporter: the charges range from an assault on a police officer. eric rasmussen. a tense situation in san josi was peacefully resolved. it started about 5:00 this
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afternoon on the 600 block of north 12th street where an officer tried to stop a man he thought was carrying a rifle. it took three hours before police realized that the man was carrying a b. b. gun instead, which is legal. he was booked in jail on charges that police say are unrelated. police say they made a second arrest anyway homicide and robbery case and say the arrest was a teenage boy. after a weeklong manhunt police arrested the 15-year-old in concord yesterday. 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks is already in custody both accused killing a man in in an attempted carjack. investigators are trying to figure out how the two men know each other. >> that is the important question we have all been asking ourselveses what the correlation of the tie between -- and i'm sure that will be
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provided as the investigation continues. >> reporter: as for the $20,000 reward offering during the man hunt, just good police work. >> friends and family remember the young south bay man killed in the carjacking and what the family is demanding from san josi's mayor. we hearned new details about the pilot who died in a plane crash in calaveras county. jade hernandez. >> reporter: ken, russell hackler knew his planes and knew when to take chances, but yesterday's flight was a little different. as it came into the cavalaras airport, it ran into problems.
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>> the plane destabilized and went upside down and inverted and went straight down into the ground. >> reporter: the crash killeddage hackler's 6-year-old husband russell hackler, who purchased the plane earlier this year. >> it only took a matter of seconds. so it wasn't something he could recover from fast enough, and he was killed instantly. >> reporter: this past april hackler told his cast raw valley veterinarian hospital after two decades. >> veterinarian medicine was his life and how he identified himself and when he started working for just a couple of days a week, that changed quite dramatically. >> reporter: it was then that the experimental plane built from a kit captured his full attention. >> when he got the coot i said i'm a little worried on the cat. it was an amphibious plane and he said what are the odds? >> reporter: but kathy, a devoted wife stood by her husband.
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>> it was just the most experienced pilot i would ever want to fly with. >> reporter: so safe and so careful hackler told his son, also a pilot and young father to sit yesterday's flight out. >> he said if i check out tomorrow, i have had a full life. i have done everything that i wanted. i have enjoyed myself. i am happy and it's all been good. >> reporter: a philosophy passed onto his three children and three grandchildren. live at livermore minus pal airport. the national transportation safety board and faa are investigating. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. the search for a 16-year-old boy pulled into the water at big lagoon in humboldt county has been called off tonight. officials say the mother, father and teen were trying to save the family dog pulled into
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water by waves. humboldt sheriff's deputies recovered the bodies of the parents. state park officials say the dog survived. a san bruno family is mourning the death of a second family member who died today following a crash on highway 101 in palo alto. the chp says take the stand yell died this morning. the take the stand yell family was returning from a early morning shopping trip on black friday when their suv slammed into a chp cruiser. 24-year-old nisha tandel died at the scene. investigators are looking into whether their father fell asleep at the wheel. dui crashes and arrests are up. 159 people have been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. hastyear one person died on bay area roads and 150 people were
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arrested on dui charges. the chp maximum enforcement period lasts through tomorrow night. >> oakland police are now investigating two homicides in the city today. investigators toll the oakland tribune the body of 18-year-old greysi morales-cordon was found. she was pronounced dead at the scene. a 19-year-old man was found shot near 59th street and he later died at the a hospital. the two homes bring the city's total to 113 this year. the city had 110 homicides in all of last year. tonight menlo park police are investigating a second shooting on the same street where a man was shot and killed last week of the most recent incident happened this morning in the 300 block of ivy drive. officers say 12 shots were fired at a house that was occupied, but no one was
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injured. a homeless man is recovering tonight after getting stuck inside a storm drain for hours. >> thank you. >> ktvu obtained this exclusive video of the rescue last night. pinole police say they found the 27-year-old man stuck inside the drain after getting reports of dries for help near the best buy store. after unsuccessfully pulling him out, they had to cut him out. we have posted the raw video of that rescue on our website. log onto and scroll down to the video player. a 3.3 magnitude earthquake jolted part of rural monterey county. a handful of people posted on u.s.g.s. website that they felt the quake, but no reports of
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damage. bart officials are looking for way wees to increase ridership. bart metro could boost ridership by 50% by 2015. the plan calls for increased service, faster rush hour service and express trains that would only stop at some stations. the upgrades depend on bart finding enough money to improve its aging system. this late-night fire destroyed a car and what the voc's owner saw seconds before the fire that has investigators suspicious that this was set on purpose. one of the fbi's top-ten most-wanted is captured. .
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returning to developing news near san francisco airport a fatal accident involving a pedestrian is causing this major traffic problem near the airport. news chopper 2 is live over the scene right now in san bruno. you can see traffic is being diverted at the top of your screen with the flares on the road. they are taken off northbound 101 and put on 380 to try to get into the coming up next it's a little bit longer route to get there, but certainly better than being stuck on the freeway. you can see the traffic back-up extends for miles past san
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francisco airport. so if you are south of this area, and you have plans of heading up to the city later tonight, you might want to think about avoiding 101 and get onto 280 at highway 92 and work your way up to the city that way. the accident happened about 8:45 on 101 at south airport boulevard. that is in san bruno or south city area. the highway patrol has issued a severe traffic alert and it isn't telling us much information that the time. we have unconfirmed reports that the victim is a woman who was apparently hit near the south airport exit, but there is no word on why she may have been walking on the freeway. we're still trying to figure that out. officers are diverting northbound traffic onto interstate 380. drives are asked to choose alternative routes. there is no estimated time for the freeway to re-open. >> friends and family gathered in south bay to remember a
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young man killed during a car- jacking attempt. as ktvu's john sasaki tells us, his death has the family raising questions about police staffing. >> reporter: hundreds packed the church in campbell to say goodbye to a good friend. >> whenever he stepped into the room, it lit up. >> reporter: rory park-pettiford was killed. >> i appreciate the chance to have known rory, whether he was any son or not. he helped me through a very difficult illness and he kept me smiling and laughing. >> reporter: with the arrest of two suspects, one of whom is 15 years old, park-pettiford's high school football coach expresses concern. >> it makes we wonder what goes into a 15-year-old's mind having a gun and using a gun going on a robbery spree and shoot-out with the police is
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acceptable. >> reporter: park-pettiford's death brought out the emotion because caused some members of his family to call for political change in san josi. >> mayor reed has to get more police officers on the streets. he has handed 100 or so their pink slips within the last couple of years and that is a hundred more cops that could have potentially is saved my brother's life. >> reporter: park-pettiford's parents showed sympathy for the parents of the suspect. >> my prayers go out to them because they have lost a child also. >> reporter: numerous said park-pettiford will be remembered because he made strangers feel like friends instantly. john sasaki ktvu channel 2 news. a fire scottish reed a toyota camry near 50th avenue and international boulevard. the owner says he believes someone threw something into the car to start that fire. and fire investigators say the
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burn patterns suggest it may be arson. city leaders in san francisco are trying to get the word out about scams targeting older chinese-american woman. they say the thieves work in teams of younger asian victims and tell them that they are plagued by spirits and that turning over valuables will help j-tonight one of the fbi says josi luis saenz was arrested in mexico on thursday. federal amounts say saenz was working for a mexico drug cartel, accused of killing four people, including his girlfriend and two rival gang members. he is expected to face charges of murder, kidnapping and rape in los angeles next week. three people are
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hospitalized after a flash fire in the state department in washington, d.c.. crews were doing routine maintenance when the fire broke out. one worker suffered life- threatening injuries and the other two were seriously hurt, but expected to survive. workers had the fire out before firefighters evening arrived. president obama offered thanksgiving greetings in his weekly address and gratitude tonight blessings that miles per hours enjoy. >> the ability to spend time with the ones that we love, to say what we want, to worship as we please and know there are brave men and women defending our freedom around the globe. >> the president noted that many on the east coast are still recovering from superstorm andy and thanks everyone for pitching in to help their neighbors. president obama was among those making a point of shopping at a locally owned store this afternoon. the president and his daughters visited neighborhood bookstore in arlington, virginia.
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he bought about 15 books to give as christmas presents. california may soon be one of the few states that require students to learn cursive handwriting. 45 of the 50 states are moving towards abandoning penmanship in an era of keyboards and cut and paste. opponents of cursive say it's no longer necessary and printing is sufficient. supporters say good hant writing help motor skills and is a symbol of personallality. champion boxer hector camacho died in a hospital in puerto rico after being taken off life support. he won several world titles including two lightweight belts. after retirement he struggled with drugs and alcohol. camacho was shot tuesday while sitting in a car. he was 50 years old. today fans from california and across the country are remembering actor larry hagman. a wreath of yellow roses was
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placed on his star at the hollywood walk of fame today. the actor who died yesterday standard as astronaut tony nelson on "i dream of jeanie," he was best-known as playing scheming oil man j.r. ewing on a dallas." exterior of the ranch stood in for the ewing home. larry hagman was a texas native. he died in dallas, surrounded by his fav. in the south bay, firefighters raised money for a cause that is close to their hearts. >> thank you. happy holidays! >> every year the fill the boots campaign raises money for the san josi firefighters burn foundation. the fund was originally set up to help injured firefighters, but with improvements to firefighters safety, organizers say it grown to include young
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burn victims as well. >> we do an annual kids burn camp so kids with visible scars can be with kids like them. >> the volunteers expected to raise up to $6,000 for the burn foundation. late word of a fire in bangladesh that has claimed at least a hundred lives. >> plus, outrage is growing in egypt, the police alliance being formed ahead of dualing protests set for next week. plus, take a look at. this there he goes. the camel on the lam and the chaos that ensued after the animal made its escape in california. another beautiful day across the entire bay area. coming up a temperature change you can expect for your sunday and when heavy rain has been added in our five-day forecast.
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and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant . outrage is twoing in egypt tonight offer an apparent power grab by the country's president.
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it was the second day of protest after president morsi signed sweeping orders last week forbidding any legal challenges to his decisions. tonight hundreds of protesters remain in the heart of carro and there are calls on both sides for massive demonstrations next week. the new turbulence after president morsi gave himself wide-ranging powers that some say virg on dictatorship. today's egypt judgery called for a immediate strike and million man march on tuesday. the supporters of the museum brotherhood are preparing demonstrations the same day. demonstrators say the leader is going too far. >> the beginning of a new era for a tyrant is saying that nobody can revise what i say. >> he is actually throwing the system out of the scene totally. >> tonight several prominent
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democracy advocates are forming a new political alliance to force mr. morsi to rescind his orders. critics say he has done little to bring real reform to egypt. >> the turmoil in egypt could play a role in the cease-fire in gaza. store on both sides of the border are re-opening after the navy eased its blockades. in bangladesh over' hundred are dead of after a fire spread through the clothing area of the city of dhaka. firefighters are still working on the fire eight hours arit started. >> in the west bank workers are preparing to open the grave of former palestinian leadership yasar arafat who died eight years ago after a
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sudden illness that say say is linked to poisoning. they are gathering samples from arafat's remains and test them for radioactive chemicals. in jordan this weekend there were more demonstrations over a recent hike in gas prices. the royal government stopped underwriting gallon and art in gas sales and people are angry at paying more at the pump. a gallon of gas in jordan costs $4.20 in u.s. dollars. in england, they released this pictures of a paralyzed dog named jasper walking with an assistive device. scientists from the university of came bainbridge took cells from his nose and injected them into his damaged spinal cord. experts say the procedure won't work for humans, but it's a step in the right direction for humans. >> the head of a newspaper in
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ireland has resigned after deciding it to print topless photos of duchess of cambridge. palace officials say publishing the images was a "grotesque invasion privacy. >> reporter: n. massachusetts a huge natural gas explosion damaged more than 40 buildings and damaged 18 people. the explosion was caught on video. investigators poured through that wreckage today assessing damage and looking for clue as to what caused that explosion. the blast leveled a stripclub. police say it was lucky a day- care center next door was closed at the time. >> a bay area push to help local businesses. keeping it local, how businesses across the bay area fared today on small in business saturday. ♪[ music ] >> you have heard of this
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song? have you heard enough of this song? it's a song you can't seem to escape and how this year's song "gangnam style," has made it into the record book. just download the ktvu app and watch all of our newscasts live and you can be connected anytime, anywhere. that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area
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is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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a fatal accident is still causing major traffic problems near sfo. you can see a line of traffic and emergency vehicles on scene. you are looking at northbound highway 101. just north of the airport in san bruno. the accident happened about
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8:45 tonight on the northbound side of the freeway at south airport boulevard. we understand one lane is now open at the scene of the accident, but as you know, this is a four-lane section of freeway. so reducing all of that traffic down to one lane is still creating a huge back-up. officers are diversitying some traffic onto highway 380, at the airport to get around this back-up. the highway patrol has issued a severe traffic alert, but it's not releasing much more information at this time. we have conflicting reports on the identity of the victim. we don't have a name and we don't even have a gender right now. earlier reports we received from authorities ascene of the accident say the victim was a woman who was apparently walking on the south airport boulevard off-ramp at highway 101, but the san bruno patch is reporting that the victim is a man. we're still trying to figure that part out. there is no word on why that person was walking on the roadway and no estimates time for when all the lanes on northbound 101 will be re- opened. we will stay on top of this
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story and keep you posted throughout this newscast. small business owners are offering something that you may not find at your mega mall. cara liu went to see how small business saturday turned out. >> reporter: downtown petaluma was bustling with folks getting a jump on their holiday shopping. tuscan garden owner says business quad quadrupled. >> we found chris homen shopping for a bicycle. >> i think it's important to support local vendors. times are harder these days and it's important to show our support. in downtown danville, the town promoted small business saturday and even gave out
10:33 pm
special bag as part of their holiday extravaganza. >> we think treasimportant to maintain the local dollars. >> reporter: they reported stronger traffic in a community that embracing shopping local throughout the year. >> obviously small business saturday doesn't get the publicity that black friday does, but there is a large community that recognizes small business saturday and does what they can to support it. >> reporter: some of the popular items include the walking dead series as well as these action figures. business owners telling us a reason to feel optimistic about the critical holiday shopping season. turns out more people than ever used paypal on their phones and tablets to make purchases this black friday. the san josi-based company says it saw a 193% increase in mobile payments this black friday cared to last year.
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the busiest hour was between noon and 1:00 p.m.. there is word tonight kidnap victim elizabeth smart is writing a book about her ordeal. smart was just 14 when is he she whereas abducted from her home in salt lake city by a homeless man. she was freed nine months later when she was recognized on the street. that was ten years ago and she is now married and a senior the brigham young university. her co-author is congressman stewart. ♪[ music ] gangnam style. >> oh, gangnam style by korean rapper psy became the most youtube watched video ever. psy beat out justin bieber's video "baby." presumably no one is happier than island records which happened to sign both psy and bieber. >> fun to watch.
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how to southern california where people are still talking about the camel that escaped from the circus in glendale. there goes abdullah, followed by some of his handlers. the camel was captured not long after this cell phone video was taken yesterday afternoon. well, it's a house built for the holidays. where you can go visit a life- sized gingerbread home in san francisco? the storm door is just about to open. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is next with when the next storm will be hitting the bay area. [ male announcer ] this december, remember --
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. well, another just beautiful day across the entire bay area. temperatures in the 60s and even a few spots in the 70s. a great weekend owe there. look oat these numbers from some afternoon. santa rosa 72 and san josi in the upper 60s. right now on live stormtracker 2 with the live doppler sweep and no rainfall to track, but that will be changing over the next few days. as far as current temperatures just updated you can see beginning to cool off especially areas of the north bay. napa and fairfield in the lower 40s. 43-42 degrees at this 10:00 hour, those neighborhoods back into the 30s overnight. forecast headlines for tonight, patchy morning fog and extended we do bump up the rain chances and bring in some gusty winds. overnight lows i was talking about the cold numbers. the coolestlocs in the 30s
10:39 pm
force santa rosa, napa and fairfield and once again we could have patchy fog to start out your morning hours. not widespread, but still a few patches in the inland valleys that could drop off your visibility. a few high clouds approaching the coast of california towards eureka and crescent city. temperatures mainly in the 60s and cooler over the next several days. in the extended big pattern change. next storm approaches and cloud cover on the increase tuesday and when the winds increase out of south, that means the storm is coming in and that storm is set to move in wednesday morning, decreasing in coverage by wednesday afternoon. but then another system could swing into the region on friday. that would be stronger. here is our forecast model. we are dry tomorrow sunday and basically the same deal into monday. we're going to thicken up the cloud cover on tuesday and look at what happens first thing
10:40 pm
wednesday morning, we do increase the rates and strongusty winds out the south. and then decreasing coverage in the activity by 4:00 wednesday, but chance of showers on thursday an possibly another system, stronger, that will increase the rainfall rates and surf later in the week by friday. tomorrow, temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. these numbers about the same as today. could be a little coolner a few spots. san josi 66. sunnyvale, 65 and san francisco right about 63 degrees. here is a look ahead, your five- day forecast, holding steady, sunday, monday, tuesday is not a horrible day. not too stormy, but get ready the rain clouds make a come back wednesday and thursday a chance of showers and beyond thursday we could be tracking moderate to heavy rain. enjoy your sunday. >> thank you, mark. the sights, smells and sounds of christmas filled san francisco's fairmont hotel today.
10:41 pm
for the fifth year in a row the hold unveiled the life-sized gingerbread. the hotel manager says the house is 22' tall. children visited the massive candy house and had the chance to sit on santa as you lap and give him their christmas wish- list. >> looks sweet. coming up, the regular football season is wrapping up. >> a preview of the title game. sportswrap is next.
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. good evening everyone, thanks for joining us
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our saturday night edition of sort wrap. the stanford football team is on a roll and today's sixth straight victory not only christophers the pack 12 north division, but face the ucla bruins. david shaw and the kind of play, looking more imaginative and dangerous since hogan took over. the 11-yard touchdown, ucla may have stolen cal's uniform. look at the navy blue bruins responding with a touchdown. hunley to fauria and it's an impossible pass to defend. 7-7. anthony wilker scoots up the middle for a 15-yard touchdown. it's 14-7, cardinals. the senior tailbacks stephphan taylor tailbacks stepfan taylor is gone. a 49-yard touchdown run,


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